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PNR Status means ?

Passenger Name Record

PNR number is a 10 digit number which is printed on your reservation ticket, you can get it top left corner of ticket or from e-ticket. Using that you can check your PNR Status.

10 Digit PNR Number have different information in its digit as explained below....

First 3 Digits:-

First three digit of PNR Number tell about from which zone this ticket get booked and from which PRS system is used for booking this particular ticket. As we know that there are different zones in indian railways like CR, WR, WCR.....

Last 7 Digits :-

These number are random number to form a unique PNR number

Why necessary to know PNR Number Status ?

When we are traveling with train we should check our PNR Status to find our seat no. and coach no. if our ticket was in waiting or RAC at time of booking ticket. This is quite common and to find out whether your ticket is confirmed you need to check your current PNR status You can easily do this online at To see the current status of your train ticket on the IRCTC booking system waitlist.

Where to find PNR number on ticket?

PNR number is generally printed at the top left corner of the printed tickets (tickets that are taken from railway station booking window). In case of the E – Ticket (tickets that are booked online or through IRCTC website), it is mentioned at top in separate cell.

Trains PNR Status

Ways to check your PNR Status

There are many ways to check PNR status inquiry can be made. Most popular ways are listed below:

  1. PNR status inquiry through online websites
  2. Current reservation status check using SMS

PNR status enquiry through online websites

The easiest way to check your PNR status is to submit a request on our website or on official Indian Railways website.

Current reservation status check using SMS

Using SMS service Check your PNR status by sending an SMS in one of the following formats:

Note: the correct format of the sms text is ‘9876276432’ (sample number – use your unique PNR number). Note that you just need to type your 10-digit PNR number.

Types of Indian Railways Tickets

Types of Indian Railways Trains & PNR Generation System for Different Type of Trains

Indian Railways has some of the most spectacular and unforgettable rail journeys in the world. Here you experience a simple way to find out everything you need to know, It is one of the world’s largest railway networks comprising 115,000 km,carried 8,425 million passengers annually and revenues of INR1441.67 billion.Indian railway has a unique PNR generation system


Tramway systems is still operate in Calcutta and the only operating tram network in India also the the oldest operating electric tram in Asia. Tramway are known as streetcar, trolley or trolley car.Trams tickets do not generate unique PNR number because one can not reserve a seat in these trains. These are moderate in speed and generally runs on their scheduled time.

Suburban Rail

The Suburban Railway system consists of rapid transit on exclusive inner suburban railway lines and play major role for the public transport system of many of India’s major cities. Suburban trains of India includes Mumbai Suburban Railway, Chennai Suburban Railway and Kolkata Suburban Railway.These are also examples of trains for which seat reservation is not possible and hence one can not get pnr status for tickets.

Metro Trains

Metro Rail are known as Rapid transit consists of bus, metro and light rail systems, the first rapid transit system in India was the Kolkata Metro and Delhi Metro was India’s first modern metro and the third rapid transit system in India overall. Metro Rail tickets do not generate unique PNR number because one can not reserve a seat in these trains. These are moderate in speed and generally runs on their scheduled time.


A monorail system is consists of a single rail track typically elevated also called an elevated railway system. Mumbai Monorail is part of a major expansion of public transport in the city and the first monorail in India, Pune Monorail is a proposed monorail system for the city.No PNR Genration system for this also

Luxury Trains

Luxury trains are special trains designed specifically to offer an elegant train ride to heritage site of Indian cities for tourist. Five most luxury tourist trains in India includes Palace on Wheels,Maharaja Express,Royal Rajasthan on Wheels,Golden Chariot and Deccan Odyssey. These type of train have a system for PNR generation.

Passenger Trains

Passenger trains can also be further classified into slow and fast passenger trains. They run between important small distanced cities.Slow passenger trains have stoppage at every single station in between their route. Reserved tickets are not available and hence unique pnr number generation is not done for tickets.

Express & Super-fast Express

These trains are relatively faster than the above mentioned. They run across long distances and one can book a reserve ticket in these trains. As tickets are reserved, booking system generates unique ten digit pnr number on each tickets to identify the traveler. PNR status checking facility are made available for non reserved train tickets.

Shatabdi and Janshatabdi Express Trains

These are high speed trains available in Indian Railway to connect moderate distanced important stations. They do not have sleeper coaches. They only contain seats for seating. Main difference between Shatabdi and Janshatabdi trains is that Janshatabdi trains have both AC and non AC coaches while Shatabdi trains are fully air-conditioned. Seats can be reserved and pnr status can be checked.

Garib Rath

These trains have AC 3 tier coaches and ticket price is relatively lower than the other air conditioned trains. One can check pnr status of Garib Rath at

Rajdhani Express

These are fully air conditioned trains and connects major cities of India. They are high priority trains and generally runs on their scheduled time. They have very few stoppage in between their route. Seat reservation facility is available in these trains. One can check Rajdhani Express pnr status on this website.

Duranto Express

These are source to destination train service started recently by Indian Railway. From source to destination means, these trains do not stop on any station that comes in their route. These trains also have a unique PNR for there passengers.